The History Project (THP) is a multi-media archiving platform that gives individuals and organizations a better way to collect, curate, and collaborate on their history

MotherCoders is a non-profit that helps moms on-ramp to technical careers in the new economy. 

PowerPAC+ helps build the political power of the multiracial majority.

UNICEF - Be, third generation homeless, seeks proper health entitlements for her three children and a more permanent home in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. 

UNICEF - Mong, an ethnic minority, tries to save the life of her newly born child in Tuyen Quang, Vietnam.


UNICEF - Tinh, a former soldier, seeks a permanent house for his family and remedies for his two disabled children in Da Nang, Vietnam.


Almaz Collective - Inspired by the famous B-Tong stencils, 3TTMan instead writes - “vẽ tường màu miễn phí” - I paint colorful walls for free

Blue Dragon Children's Foundation - Vi Do walks the streets of Hanoi, Vietnam to find find and assist children living on the streets.

Short profile of performance artist Dao Anh Khanh.

A trailer for Red Over the Rainbow - a documentary that explores contemporary LGBT lives in Vietnam. 

Cupping Extracts Bad Wind explores the Vietnamese art of cupping.  It is part of an ongoing series about blind massage in Vietnam.